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How do I choose the right size box? 

We recommend a small box for 1-4 people, a medium box for 4-8 people, and a large box for 8-12 people. To make sure everyone has enough to enjoy, choose the next size up if you’re stuck between two sizes. Your box includes tips on how to freeze or store your treats so extras can be saved for another day. 

Where can I send my bakery box? 

Bakery boxes can be shipped anywhere in the United States. Local delivery is also available for select South Florida neighborhoods. More detail here?

How do I place a custom order?

To place custom orders, please visit our custom order request page to schedule a call with us and talk about your needs. 

Can I change the items in a corporate or personal box? 

Though corporate or personal boxes are made-to-order, we ask that you inquire about placing a custom order if you want to substitute items, place a large order, or create a custom theme for your bakery box. 

How do I customize the crate for a corporate order? 

Customized crates for corporate branding can easily be completed online. Please attach a hi-resolution logo with your order placement and be sure to select the correct number of branded crates for your order. There is a one-time $25 logo-processing fee and thereafter each branded crate is $3. If you don’t have a hi-resolution logo available, we recommend sending the organization’s name for customization instead. 

How long will my sweets stay fresh? 

Just as your favorite local bakery displays their fresh items at room temperature, your bakery box items can stay fresh for several days if covered in a cool, dry area. To make the most out of your box, we recommend freezing items within the first two days for maximum freshness at a later date. Your bakery box will come with an insert with storage tips so that the receiver knows this, too. 

What if my bakery box arrives damaged? 

Because we’re unable to monitor the bakery boxes as they’re in transit, we trust our national carriers to care for our cargo. If your bakery box arrives damaged, please contact the specific carrier for your region to file a complaint. Outsourcing our delivery ensures that we are able to service everyone in the country.