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Our Story

Meet Sarah Price

VVisions of harvesting sun-ripened berries and watching her grandmother bake wedding cakes on their family farm inhabit Sarah’s earliest memories. A self-taught baker and business owner, her unfettered curiosity and deep understanding of quality ingredients inspire her to create memorable food experiences. The Little Sugars is everything that Sarah is: bright, authentic, and loving.

Above all, The Little Sugars values the connections that can be made between two people by giving, receiving, and sharing exceptionally delicious treats. With carefully crafted, small-batch bakery boxes, we facilitate gestures of gratitude from one person to another. We believe that great food has the power to create shared memories, and it’s our mission to help others realize their ability to bring this kind of joy into the world.  

TThere’s so much pleasure to be had in giving, which is why we’ve streamlined the gifting process. Choose from celebratory or corporate boxes in several sizes, customize your messages, and ship anywhere in the US—all in our online shop. If you’d like to be involved in the fine details of your bakery box, we’ll even help you create a completely personalized order. We focus on the quality of your gift, so you can enjoy the rewards of your generous spirit.

We love to bake—inspiring joy in others is just the cherry on top.


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